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OK, I cry UNCLE!  For the past twenty-four hours I have been dealing with vomit, vomit, and more vomit!  Seriously!  My 13-month old, PD2, has decided to test out the 24- hour bug on me starting yesterday at while at a play date which continued on into today. 

Here it is 7:20 pm and in the past twenty -four hours have done three additional loads of laundry, three showers with me included, since I have been the absorption of much of the volume,  had four hours of sleep,  disinfected every toy in the house (yes, I do ALL the toys anytime a serious plague strikes Camp Pie Hole) and on a good note, I am completely caught up on Top Chef and Top Chef Just Desserts, thanks to having to snuggle the little patient for hours.  

Those who say motherhood/parenthood is a treasure and one should cherish every moment are not parents of small children that have ever been sick.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.  I get that this comes with the territory of having small children, but three weeks of sickness in this camp! Come on!  I am just calling a truce via my blog with the “Petri Dish gods” that Camp Pie Hole is done with this nonsense and the white flag is waving high and strong! Oh, God, I hope that PD1 doesn’t get it . . . oh well, I have more crap to catch up on the trusted ol’ DVR.

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