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Being a parent I learn something new every day.  Actually, the more I learn the more I realize I have so much more to learn.  A week ago we took our two girls to a Disney Live show held at our local civic center.  After the show we headed over for some frozen yogurt and my oldest was given a balloon.  She loved and cherished that balloon the minute it was tied on her hand.

She pranced around the playground proud and full of bounce as the wind tousled the balloon over her head. Once in a while  she would look up and gaze at it with so much love and admiration, even though she just met the balloon.  When we got into the car she was so concerned about it and made sure it was secure and safe for the ride home.  

This made me think of the first moment I fell in love with her and her sister.  Both were at different times, but very defining moments in my life.  With my first child, I fell in love with her the moment I found out she was a girl at my 18-week ultra sound.  She was named within a few days and each day the love grew which really washed away a lot of the fear and worry of all the complications I had with her.  With my second child,  that pregnancy was just one huge roller coaster ride of being high risk, having very similar but more serious complications than with my first, and caring for an infant on top of it all, I had a really hard time trying to embrace the thought of falling in love with her.

Finally, when my second was born,  I fell in love with her the minute they brought her to me while I was in recovery from my C-section.  All the anxiety and fear was now over and I now knew the sex and she had a name. She was healthy, strong and showing a strong sign that she wanted and needed me.  Even the nurses were amazed that she showed such a strong bond to me right away.  It was a moment that I will never forget, just like the moment in a room lit dimly by a utra sound machine.

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