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A year ago we bought a house on a quiet cul-de-sac equipped with fireman, police, a pilot, a couple of scientists and to our dismay a rental property next door that came equipped with a barking, howling husky.   It has been the battle of the neighbors to get this dog to shut up, or should we say get the owners to get the dog to shut up. 

This dog is a lonely dog and its owners leave for the day very early and come home very late.  During that time this dog howls non-stop!  Back in August they left the dog while they went on vacation for 10-days and that dog would howl from about 5:00 am to about 1:00 am with a couple breaks in the day.  It was like nails on the chalkboard and all the neighbors where coming to me asking me if I did anything about the dog. 

I already called the landlords months back and they told me it was my problem.  But then again this is the same people who came up to me while I was still in escrow and told me that the 30-year-old fence that separates our property  is OUR problem and when do I think we will get that fixed? If you would have seen what we were moving into (a foreclosure) that we needed to gut and remodel (which we did ourselves) I smiled and told them, “Hi, my name is  Pie Hole,  I am glad to meet you!”   I called the city and I can let that damn fence fall down if I want it to, so that is not a priority.  I even baked some cookies and brought it over to the owners and talked to them about the dog, the other neighbor kids offered to walk the dog – we are a loving cul-de-sac. Yet the problem only got worse.

 Well, it finally happened.  By  day six of the dog being left while the owners where on vacation the whole neighborhood was calling.  The dog finally was shut up and life was back to normal . . . until last night! 

I was nestled in my bed (which our bedroom window faces their backyard) and I was just about to fall asleep and I hear the howling!  I am tossing and turning, the hubs is sound asleep, of course and I just laid there fuming.  I throw open my window and yell, “SHUT UP!’, Shut up, please shut up!”  The dog shut up! It worked! I crawled back in bed and as I was just about to fall asleep, the lonely long howls start-up again!   That is it! I have now come to my last resort.  I am talking to Mailman “Newman”  Glenn today (he hates dogs) and arrange a pick up and drop off of the dog about 20 miles away.  If I am question, I know nothing and this post will disappear.  . . I will deny, deny, deny!

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